Hello Westside Lacrosse,
As we continue to stay strong and active together, I wish to emphasize the following:
  • Don’t wait for 2021! Get ready and ahead now!
  • Consider your responsibility to not only yourselves but to your teammates.
This period is frustrating. But, instead of thinking about what we don’t have and can’t do, let’s focus on what we CAN do, and that’s focus (mental and emotional conditioning), academics, physical conditioning, reps, etc. Bored? That’s what our workouts and wall ball challenge are for!
Below is our schedule for this week:
  • 4/27 – Mon – Player Conferences @ Virtual/Zoom 3:30p-5:30p (check schedule link below)
  • 4/28 – Tue – Individual Workout – Wall Ball / Sprints / Stick Skills (see workouts below)
  • 4/29 – Wed – Player Conferences @ Virtual/Zoom 3:30p-5:30p (check schedule link below)
  • 4/30 – Thu –  Individual Workout – Wall Ball / Sprints / Stick Skills (see workouts below)
  • 5/1 – Fri – Do something good for your parents / Makeup workouts
  • We will continue our practices through May 8.
Password: 860802

Meeting scheduling
Click this link to view the schedule. If you have not done so yet, cut and paste your name into and empty time slot.
If you need to reschedule, you must communicate with coaches in advance.
Reps up! Players are required to use the Snypr App to report wall ball training reps.
  • Required Minimum Reps: 360-400/day (workout) and 720-800/week (2 workouts)
  • Based on workouts sent each week.
  • Neglecting to do so will put you behind for the summer and fall especially; more importantly, this is a fun way to get better every day. Each rep counts!
Prizes for the Top 5 include: $100 Lacrosse Unlimited gift card, Westside jacket or pants, WHLA Summer Camp, Game Breaker Lacrosse Camp, West Houston Summer Lacrosse League fee. 
Reminder: Attendance and Practice Gear for Virtual Practices
We will be taking attendance, and the video capability will allow us to ask questions, etc. Be in your practice gear. Missing practice and failure to communicate will have consequences in the fall.
Seniors Recognition
We are continuing to explore ideas for a Senior Recognition event. I had originally suggested to the team that date could be April 30, but that date will be changed and will be announced ASAP. Lisa Ware (Thomas Hunt’s mother) is helping to coordinate. Please feel free to contact her for any suggestions or questions:
If you need balls, email or text me, and I will leave you a pack of 3 at the front office of my apartment complex.
Team Store SALE!
WOLVES10 will unlock 10% off thru May 17 on Team Store apparel
Go Wolves!

Coach Mike Song

INDIVIDUAL WORKOUTS (Tuesday 4/28 / Thursday 4/30)

Dynamic Stretch

All stretches w/stick & ball

Speed/Agility (4 sets / :10 REST BETWEEN SETS)

:15 Wall sprints (knees up not out)

20 Lax Situps (alternating)

Wall & Workout (3 sets / :30 REST IN BETWEEN SETS)

:30 R/L (Static 10yd – Rapid Fire)

20 R/L (Cut-to 20yd)

20 R/L (Dodge>pass>catch)

20 R/L (Quickstick)

20 R<>L (10 yd, switching hands/alternating)

* Take a picture and send to Coaches Song.