Hello Westside Lacrosse Team,
In accordance with the school calendar, we are shifting virtual practice and individual workout days. Monday we will be off, Tuesday and Thursday will be our virtual practice days, Wednesday and Friday will be our individual workout days.
Remember, online classes start Tuesday!
Here’s our schedule for this week:
  • 3/30 – Mon – Do something good for your parents.
  • 3/31 – Tue – Practice @ Virtual/Zoom 3:30p-5:30p
  • 4/1 – Wed – Individual Workout – Wall Ball / Sprints / Stick Skills (see workouts below)
  • 4/2 – Thu –  Practice @ Virtual/Zoom 3:30p-5:30p
  • 4/3 – Fri – Individual Workout – Wall Ball / Sprints / Stick Skills (see workouts below)
Dynamic Stretch
All stretches
100 jumping jacks
Workout (3 sets, :30 between)
5-10-5 split (4)
5-10-5 roll (4)
15-yard sprint w/ stick/ball
10 pushups
15-yd sprint w/ stick/ball
Wall (2 sets)
20 R/L (Static 10yd)
20 R/L (Cut-to 15yd) –
20 R<>L (Roll back and cut-to)
20 R/L (Quickstick)
20 OTS* R/L (10 yd)
* Over-the-shoulder
Reminder: Attendance and Practice Gear for Virtual Practices
We will be taking attendance, and the video capability will allow us to ask questions, etc. Be in your practice gear.
If you need balls, email or text me, and I will leave you a pack of 3 at the front office of my apartment complex.
Go Wolves,

Coach Mike Song

IG: coachmikesong
IG: westhoustonlax