Dear Westside Lacrosse Team,
I trust you are all well and weathering through this challenging period! I’m also sure you (students-athletes) are bored and are aching for lacrosse – we got you!
While this was supposed to be our spring break, things happen, and we must adjust accordingly. Remember you are a team that has faced and overcome odds and unusual challenges, which means we are resilient, strong, and motivated. You just won more games than last year, you beat last year’s district champions, and after reviewing the Awty game film – we are looking good and getting better!
It is imperative that we keep structure and a daily routine, not only for sanity, but also to prepare, as there is a good chance we will be going into playoff mode upon return to school (THSLL announcement):

The THSLL board is aware that coaches and parents would like to know the plan for the remaining scheduled games beyond the suspension period and the impact on the 2020 playoffs. With this in mind, the board is discussing different methods on how to resume and complete the season. Any final decision regarding the season will need to account for the rapidly changing current situation with input from our coaches and member teams.

Grades, Assignments, Report Cards
There is no official word yet on how we will handle classes. I have been told there is no plan until March 31, at which point we may go to virtual classroom or online classes until April 10. I do not know how report cards and deadlines will be affected. This is a HUGE opportunity. Catch up on all work now, submit what you can on the HUB or via email, or take pictures of the worksheet and email it to your teacher. Be diligent and proactive. That way we can make sure everyone is eligible for the playoffs.
We will be checking grades and following up on all players. As of the most recent progress report, 7 players were “Eligible but failing” and 2 remained “Ineligible”.
I am available for assistance and virtual tutoring any time, all day, every day!
Virtual Practices and Workouts
We will continue practices and workouts after the spring break – virtually! We will do them using Zoom, and anyone can access by phone/laptop. We will do virtual practices Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30-5:30 as a group webinar, and you will do individual workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays on your own. Players will check in and confirm their workout is complete on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we will have a reporting system for exercises/times. More details to come. In the meantime:
  1. Download the Zoom app to your computer and/or phone:
  2. Download a Running App for Distance and time Tracking:
Please let me know if you have any questions about how we are doing these virtual practices. Below this email is a sample virtual practice plan.
Remind Note
We have been organizing the Remind lists, and if you have been removed or added to a list, it is because we have two sub-lists: parents and players. Most messages go to both groups. Player specific texts (plays, videos, etc.) are sent to just the player group.
Team, we need to keep some sort of routine and keep up good skills and habits. Parents, please support and let me know if you need any accommodations.
We will get through this, and we will do so stronger than any other team. If we’re competitors, which we have proven as a team we are, we will all appreciate that this period is an undervalued opportunity to get ahead.
We will come out of this. We will go to the playoffs. We will be prepared.
Westside! Hustle Hard!

Coach Mike Song

IG: coachmikesong
IG: westhoustonlax
Materials: phone/laptop, stick
Practice gear, running shoes
Zoom login. Make sure all get link and app download in advance.
1. Video Breakout: Defense / Offense (30:00)
Team will breakout into 2 separate webinars, one hosted and run by Sal/Paul, and one run by Song/Mackenzie
2. Dynamic Stretch (10:00)
In home and on webinar.
3. Distance Run (20:00)
Using running app
Group A 2-mile
Groub B 1.5-mile
Hydrate / Report back to webinar.
4. Workout
Via webinar.
3 sets :30 breaks in between
  • Stick lifts 00:15
  • Pushups 00:15
  • Squat jumps 00:15
  • Lax situps 20 R / L
  • Cradling 1H R 00:30 / L 00:30
  • Cradling Switching 00:30
  • Plank 1:00