Hello Westside Lacrosse,
Hope you are all doing well and continuing to stay safe and healthy.
We are continuing to develop our players through our summer strength, conditioning, and skills training for those who can attend. As a reminder, here is the schedule:
  • Mon-Thu 7:30a-9:45a
  • Please arrive early for check-in and health survey.
Those of you who have been able to come have been reaping great benefits and the results are showing. We are really progressing on shooting with our offensive players.
Season Honors & Awards
In lieu of a banquet for this past season, the coaches have decided to announce team awards virtually via video on social media. We plan to announce awards Friday June 26 12:00p. Stay Tuned!

Wall Ball Challenge Results
Below are the winners of the COVID Wall Ball Challenge – congratulations!

  1. Campbell Crosser
  2. Luke Mazoch
  3. Hayden Ferrand
  4. Manuel Cepeda
  5. Briac Jones

Prizes are being adjusted due to cancellations. Contest winners will be contacted directly.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Go Wolves!

Coach Mike Song