Hello Wolves,
June 8th start is on! Below are some encouraging updates to get back to active.

The following details are just for the month of June. Players must:

  1. Clearance form. Must be completed and submitted prior to arriving on campus and awaiting further instructions.
  2. Bring your own water! Water will be offered, however I recommend all of our players to bring their own water container. If you need one, I have plenty of brand new water bottles.
  3. Make sure you eat before hand (not necessarily a big meal, but something light – toast/bread/pastry, smoothie, PBJ sandwich, fruit).
  4. Procedure. Show up and go to field house entrance. Check in at field house. Students are not allowed to enter the field house except for restroom use.
Days and Time

  • Mon-Thu 7:30a-9:00a
  • Stickwork, positional work, shooting 9:00-9:30a (cannot do if you miss 7:30 check-in)
The early time is due to coolness since there’s no access to the field house.
All workouts are voluntary with parental/guardian approval and not required. The district and the athletic department have planned safety measures in their detailed plan – https://www.westhoustonlax.com/summer-2020-strength-conditioning-covid-plan/
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Go Wolves!

Coach Mike Song