Game: Village School


Date: 2/21/19


Time Stamp Description of Play How to Improve
3:55 Austin dodges in Wovles, has no crease man popping out. Nathan eventually gets there but too late. Attack and Middie crease needs to pop once the dodger beats one man.
4:30 Ridwan clears keeping stick in right hand Got to put it in your left hand there.
6:34 Ridwan trying to move the ball to Drake. Drake standing still. Got to V-cut and move feet to the ball.
7:19 Tristan rolls back, gets the ball to Austin, and Briac is open. Briac just cut to the ball.
7:48 Austin dodges. Drake is open. Same as above.
11:45 Austin clearing to offense See Tristan diagonal.
12:27 Max clearing, then passes to Drake Pass it sooner, right at 12:27
13:06 See that open space straight to the goal – attack it immediately and go to the goal to shoot or draw and dump
14:10 Fastbreak, Calvin shifts over towards the ball, and Ethan slides up hard Calvin should call point on this and start the triangle. Zane, Calvin, all defense, we need to communicate on this!
15:17 Drake dodge from X. See Nathan as you draw the slide, move it to him and we attack the weak side.
22:27 Nathan one-hand on GB. Very lazy. Scoop it up two handed.
26:18 Briac brings ball down the alley Where is the attack helping out?
28:15 Austin brings ball down and tries to get it to Nathan Nathan, you have to C-cut towards the ball.
34:15 Drake gets ball on clear Move the ball to Dante right away there, he is open, but then after Drake carries the ball, Dante is no longer open. Dante, stay in the passing lane of the ball carrier. You got behind the defender. C-cut towards the ball.
40:10 Drake gets clear Go right! Open space to the right straight to the goal!
41:14 Briac dodges in Wolves Drake you should be inside on the crease clearing through, not backing out, with Nathan coming up from X.
44:25 Austin dodges and shoots Tristan cut into the passing lane, it’s wide open.
50:16 Drake dodges into double team, there are two defensemen already there, not even a slide, Nathan is on the wing when he should be on the creas. We need to move the ball.
50:39 Dante dodges, Drake just standing on the wing. Albany rotate. Drake should be moving below GLE to back up the shot.


Game: Awty Int’l


Date: 2/14/19


Time Stamp Description of Play How to Improve
1:23 Nathan swing check on ride Body: get in front of him and use your body not your stick and force to turn back.
4:10 Tristan goes to crease on Wolves No one goes with him. He is open for a feed.
7:55 Dante – learn Mash ride Leave him and back up to the restraining line, sticks up, play your Mash zone.
11:52 Tristan move the ball. Get the ball to X a little quicker.

As soon as you beat one, you should look to shoot or pass, not dodge again.

13:07 Zane – Backed up from the ball Step/cut to the ball

Always cut to the ball if it’s short, be on your toes.

13:31 Calvin, good look, Drake #17 would’ve been a better look because he has more of an open lane.
16:55 Briac passes to middle on transition. Go down the alley to X.
17:53 Drake dodge from X, Nathan goes to far wing. This is not the Wolves formation. Don’t do this again. It pulls the wing attackman out of the offense, creating 5v6 situation and iminent double team.

If Nathan cut in, he would be wide open for a dunk.

18:35 #2 gets checked from behind

Then ONE-HANDED GB attempt by Angelo.

Just pull out


24:27 Drake dodges in and steps out to look for a feed. Austin – Denver rotate cut to crease to be in Drake’s vision for a feed and shot,  and so top middle (Briac) can come around for a step-down.
28:24 Crease is too low when ball is at X. Set double crease up near box line when ball is at X
31:52 Angelo ride If a man goes behind you, go with him unless a middie picks him up. Have to talk through it.
34:50 Crease too low Set the double crease higher
39:22 when you come behind someone, up-check, don’t down check


Game: Mudslinger Tournament

File: Mudslinger 1

Date: 12/8-9


Time Stamp Description of Play How to Improve
00:17 Adrian In Westside, spin around at least 1X, then call Wolves to dodge on a mismatch
00:29 Drake Dump to Nathan
2:00 Abdul, Austin Work on finishing, catch & shoot
4:15 Christian – Get the ball to X a little quicker
8:50 Ivey – clear, pass knocked down Head up when running with the ball and make pass sooner – as soon as you draw the slide
9:00 Hill goes and gets double

Tristan – need to clear through

9:20 All – must call Wolves to dodge so near man clears through
13:50 Thomas –
18:18 Thomas plays off Go play your man
21:17 Defense slide is too late Fire sooner – keep below GLE
22:52 Defense slide is too late Fire sooner
33:09 Thomas – man cuts from behind crease

Keep head on a swivel

That was good defense, but remember to keep head on a swivel
4:50 Offense – Drake dodges, everyone is ball watching Call Albany for attack when you dodge, middies call Denver, everyone rotates
5:25 Ride – good attack ride Defense on other side needs to step up and get the long pole/middie coming across (#42)
9:30 Tristan – great clear, throw to the middle and dropped if it is not a pure fast break, never throw to the middle, just get it down the alley and run the offense through X
10:20 Ivey – double teamed Someone is open (Ethan). Head up, scan the field, move the ball in the air
14:06 Briac – FOGO goes off, and you stay on D “Match Feet” – go with your man off so we can get a fresh D-Mid on.
15:42 Adrian – turnover.

Note: not appropriate situation for a toe drag (toe drag dodges only work when a defender is coming at you, not when you are going at them).

Just put it in your left hand one-handed and go hard towards the cage, Christian Albany rotates over and clears through, and if you beat your man, shoot (turn around jump shot lefty or question mark righty), if you draw a double, then dump.
16:59 Ridwan – great job sticking with your man
17:23 Hunt – example of playing off your man

Overall good defensive set

go play your man
18:26 Adrian – good hustle back on Mash ride, essential to making that ride work – great team ride, leading to a goal
21:24 Offense – good faceoff, rushed the offense when we were subbing “Yellow” – on offense after a faceoff, if we win, we will always have to sub off Ropers and FOGOs, so we always get the ball to X
24:30 Ethan – squares hips with endline, takes away top side, forces man behind, recovers, frustrates dodger to give up Example of great 1v1 defense
25:40 Adrian – good hustle back, turn around back-check on goalie on ride Just stay above the goalie and push him back with your hands, don’t go for the checks that take you out of position in front of him,
31:35 Adrian/Drake – dodge from X Drake – must clear through and Albany rotate
32:06 Drake off whistle on the wing with ball at X Drake – get to the crease

Christian – get to X/below GLE

33:42 Ethan slides to dodger Should be Austin’s (crease) slide
32:23 Ivey clear – turnover on double team After first dodge, dump to Tristan right there
42:20 Clear (out of focus) Adrian is open, hit that pass and
49:29 Calvin wrong position on wing line
52:13 Ivey – great defensive, groundball Since it was not pure fast break, Pass down the alley, not across the field, down the field to get the ball to X
53:42 Adrian – dodges from Westside, draws and dumps to Christian; shot, no goal 1. Christian – have to get a little better angle and finish the shot.

2. Adrian – Only dodge in Westside if the D overplays you. Pull the ball out, call “Wolves”, communicate to your teammates and allow the middie and attackman to clear through and rotate, giving you room to dodge so that you don’t draw a crowded triple team.

54:00 Christian – rides heavy below GLE Drop back and run the Mash ride
54:55 Tristan and Thomas cover men on crease; Thomas slides, his man scores Tristan and Thomas need to communicate so Tristan slides to cover Thomas’s man when he slides.
1:02:02 Adrian gets pressure, dodges and shoots. Good take. Good play.

Overall good possession.

Amari and Christian, you are open for a cut. Amari, Cut down (just like our 32 or West Genny drill) with Adrian, Christian, C-cut.

*If one man is beat, someone should be open because your man is leaving you

1:03:56 Ethan/Ivey – both slide to the ball. Two must communicate who’s going.
1:06:35 Tao stays on the crease and Calvin slides to ball on man-down. Tao, that is your slide. If you see a man with the ball open and no one going, that is you.
1:19 Zane clearing See Calvin breaking up and no one in between you and Calvin’s man. Run straight at his man, forcing him to draw to you, and making an easy pass to Calvin.
4:49 Calvin pass to Adrian batted down Calvin – work on passing with a little arc to go over sticks



Over-the-shoulder clearing

Draw and dump

Sliding with body not stick

We check too much

Cutting/shooting drills all sides

Moving the ball around

Give and go > shoot

Fastbreaks – setup for Attack, point goes to each side

Feeding through sticks, catching through checks


50:38 Max/Ethan/Abdul – Clear

Great pass from Max to Ethan, attempted pass to Abdul; Ethan had open lane in front of him and was close to the midline

Ethan call “middie back!”; Abdul, since your furthest back middie, hustle back across midline, raise your stick, call “middie back”, which tells Ethan he can go across and pass to an attackman.

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