Welcome to Westside Lacrosse!

It has been a pleasure to have you join the team, and we look forward to your continued commitment to the program.

This email details the Westside Lacrosse Program for Fall ‘20-Spring ‘21. This program will continue to consist of high level training, character development, and academic support from dedicated coaches and administrators.

This email includes all details and registration process for the Westside Lacrosse Team. Please complete registration by February 15, 2021 and follow the steps below.

1. Parents Meeting Presentation
Please first open and read the attached program description (W Lax Parent Presentation 2020-21).

2. US Lacrosse Membership Insurance
Each player will need to have a US Lacrosse Membership Insurance in order to register. The fee is $35 per year. If your membership expires prior to June 2021, then your policy number will be rejected. Please check your expiration date and renew if needed. You may get your US Lacrosse membership here:


3. Clearance Forms and Documents
Please have prepared the following documents (attached) signed and scanned:

  • HISD: Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • HISD: Concussion Acknowledgment
  • HISD: Media Release
  • HISD: Parent Approval Form
  • HISD: Player Physical
  • HISD: Rules Acknowledgment
  • HISD: Anabolic Steroid Use and Random Testing Acknowledgment

* If you have emailed those documents to me, thank you. Please submit in the registration form as well, and apologies for the inconvenience.

4. Player Dues $250 New Player 1/2 Year
Westside Lacrosse does not receive any funding from the school or district. Thus, we need to financially support the program independently with player dues. Members of the program are responsible for all equipment (goals, nets, balls), league fees, games, scrimmages, tournaments (officials, field space, security, etc.), uniforms, operational equipment, coaches stipends, and miscellaneous costs and expenses.

Please contact Coach Song (coachmikesong@gmail.com) or Michael Matlock (westhoustonlax@gmail.com), booster club president, if you have any questions or requests regarding player dues.

Players who wish to seek sponsorship from friends and family members, please email me for a player sponsorship kit with online payment link.

Go Wolves!

Coach Mike Song

FB/IG: coachmikesong / westhoustonlax
W Lax Parent Presentation 2020-21