Dear Lacrosse Players and Parents,
As this tournament is the culmination of our fall program and all the hard work everyone has put in this fall, I wish to take a moment and express my gratitude. Over the past few months, this group of young men have put forth an awesome effort in character and in skill development.
Thus, we have already won this tournament. Regardless of what the scores of the games will be, we as a program have already succeeded. Playing in this tournament is in itself is a significant win for this program.
I expect nothing but best effort and having fun getting better. We will use every minute as an opportunity to get better, to learn, and to gain experience in preparation for this spring.
With the above stated, Saturday games have changed to the schedule below:
  • 1:00p v. Lamar Field 2
  • 4:00p v. Westwood Field 1
  • 6:00p v. Stratford Field 2
  • Sunday TBA
Reminder on a few important items:
Travel – We are carpooling from Westside HS. Meeting and leaving Westside student parking lot 10:30 am Saturday.
For safety, accountability, and team cohesion purposes, we are traveling to the tournament together as a team.
Please let us know your travel plans. You may reply all to this email, or indicate on Facebook that you will:
  1. Need a ride
  2. Drive (can take 3 more) / (taking Name, Name, Name)
  3. Meet at tournament*
* Only if you have plans to be there. Meet at the tournament by 12:00p; warmup at 12:15.
Weather – It may be raining. The tournament is held on all weather turf fields.
Mudslinger Waiver – Please go to on the left hand side go to forms to fillout the Mudslinger Waiver. We must have a waiver from each player in order to participate.  
I am already proud of what we have accomplished this fall, and I am looking forward to getting on the field!
Go Wolves!
Coach Song