Hello Middle School Team Players and Parents!
We have some scheduling challenges this week. Due to the weather, we need to cancel practice today (2/11), and due to a high school game rescheduling, we will have to cancel Thursday’s practice (2/13). We will reschedule practice for 2/14 Friday 4:30p-6:00p.
Also, below is our game schedule.
* We are trying to reschedule this game. Please stay tuned, but plan for a game this Saturday!
2/15/2019 (Saturday)* 10:00 AM Pershing MS West Briar
2/20/2019 (Thursday) 6:30 PM ROBS ROBS
3/4/2019 (Wednesday) 5:30 PM E/W E/W
3/24/2019 (Tuesday) 4:30 PM ROBS West Briar
3/29/2019 (Sunday) 1:00 PM Pin Oak MS Pin Oak
4/4/2019 (Saturday) TBD Roberson MS West Briar
4/16/2019 (Thursday) TBD St. JPII St. JPII

Please let me know if you have any questions, and see you all Friday!

Play Lacrosse!