They don’t appear to dodge to shoot, but rather to hit rollback or skip (or dump down to crease guy if left open). When they dodge — either from up top or wing — it’s really more of a sweep across cage, and they always have another guy clearing out underneath the ball carrier. We cannot ball-watch. D has to communicate, and not get confused by that underneath guy running opposite the sweep. Offball D will be key in this game; must always be ready for rollback pass.

  • #2 and #9 are their primary dodgers. #9 seems to have green light to rip whenever/wherever. We need to make sure we get in on his hands when he goes to shoot. 
  • #2 is a righty and does not like going left. He will maybe start lefty and split dodge right, but if he’s attacking downhill, he stays with it in his right hand. Make him go left.
  • #9 sometimes inverts to play up top as a middie – D pole stay with him, do not switch.
  • #88 Attackman does not like pressure on his hands. When he gets it, get on his hands, harass him, and push him around.
  • #64 Attackman LOVES to wind up face dodge. Do not lunge at his stick. He wants that. He is all righty, and will try to post up and create space. Just body him up and play him to his left hand.
  • If ball is at X, watch backdoor cut from wings.

Need to be physical on these guys. Make sure to make contact when they try to dodge; they don’t like contact.


They run a 3-3, looking to flood zone and swing it backside or get skips. #9 is usually top center, looking for chance to step down. Our stringer HAS to be active, constantly bumping up top, then recovering back to crease. Our 2 low wings must pinch when stringer bumps up, then be super alert/fast enough to get back down and cover wings on doorstep.


They like to play very aggressively in the midfield and in transition. Their middies, especially, don’t hustle back to hole on D. Lots of fast break opportunities if we keep our heads up and move the ball upfield.

They play aggressively on the ball carrier on the perimeter. We can run by them and create odd-man situations in front of cage, but our offense needs to be smart and willing to pass.

  • Defenseman #10 and SSDM #42 are their weak points. Just run by these guys, especially our starting middies.
  • Defenseman #78 likes to fly around. Know where he is if dodging adjacent, and be ready to pull it out or move it if he slides quickly.


They run almost everything through their GK, even though he does appear to be a good passer. Make him try to throw long passes. Lock off wings and middies cutting back down to help.

  • Defenseman #99 wants NO PART of clearing with the ball in his stick. Make them pass it to #99.

#21 likes to run one-man clear. Be wary of him taking it himself.