Hello Lacrosse Players and Parents,
Back to school! Back to school! I know you are all excited to get back into the routine of education. I’m also sure you all miss all of your wonderful teachers who love you deep down and are there for your education!

Weekly Schedule
We will be off this first week back to school.
The following week starting January 14, our weekly schedule will be:

Mon – Practice 4:15-6:00p
Tue – Goalies Practice 4:15-6:00p (Goalies only)
Wed – Practice 4:15-6:00p
Thu – Practice 4:15-6:00p
Sat – Scrimmage (check schedule below)

The above will be our weekly schedule until the week of our first game 2/13 JV v. Cy Woods. Then thereafter we will have daily practices or games during the week, with some games on weekends.

* NOTE – new game schedule below. Lamar varsity game changed to 3/26 at Lamar.
Mudslinger Film and Hudl
The Mudslinger film videos have been posted to Hudl (out of order sorry!), and you all should have received an email or text notification. Please let me know if you have not received contact from Hudl to access our account.

Attached is a breakdown of the games and specific notes for plays. Please all review it in detail. Even if you are not involved in any of the plays, we learn from each other.

Thank you all for an awesome Fall Ball season. We all got dramatically better. As always, we need to continue to get better. It is now time to get real – it is the “home stretch”, as they say. Let’s keep the foot on the gas and accelerate through this season!

Go Wolves!
Coach Song

Mudslinger Film


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